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Baking bag

Baking bag

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Baking bag

Baking bag selection and use of their qualified high temperature cooking bags, need to pay attention to the following points:

Baking bag high temperature cooking bag out of the warehouse, no odor, no odor. Do not use high temperature cooking bags on product packaging, such as exterior. The outer packaging of the high-temperature cooking bag should be marked with Chinese characters, printed with the name of the factory, the address and the enterprise to which the product belongs, but written in the reliable part of the word "food". Products are written under the factory inspection certificate. To find food with plastic products to buy regular shopping malls, do not go to street stalls to buy. Don't use those colored high temperature cooking bags in food packaging. Because these kinds of high temperature cooking bags are often made from recycled paper. High temperature cooking bags are not easy to degrade and will cause environmental pollution, so when buying food, choose better green packaging materials. Try to choose no coating, coating packaging. At present, in the design of baking bags, it is necessary to make the packaging more beautiful, corrosion resistant, and use a lot of coating materials. Not only does this make it difficult to recycle materials after the product is scrapped, but most paints themselves are toxic. If everyone eats these packaged foods, it will do harm to everyone's body more or less. The whole process of coating and plating also brings great pollution to the environment. For example, paint volatile toxic solvent gas, electroplating produced chromium and other heavy metal waste liquid, waste residue pollution. Therefore, should try to choose not to paint, coating packaging materials.

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