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Longgang Shengguang Packaging Co., Ltd

Contact Person:Manager CAI

Hand machine :+86 151-0587-7698


To address:Room 101-501, Building 9, Pioneer Park, Longgang New Town, Wenzhou City

Established in 1997, Longgang Shengguang Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Longgang Town, ---- Wenzhou, China's printing and packaging city, on the coast of the beautiful Ao River. The company has a total of 6 color, 8 color, 9 color 3 printing composite production lines, 2 PE three-layer co-extrusion production lines, the annual production capacity of more than 3,000 tons, the company has more than 70 employees, and set up branches and offices all over the country.

The total area of the production base of the company is more than 4500 square meters. The factory and production workshop are designed and built in accordance with the food standard plant to achieve environmental protection, cleanliness, health and safety. The company has passed QS Food Quality system certification, and the packaging materials produced meet the food grade export standards.

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