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Transparent bread bag

Transparent bread bag

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Transparent bread bag

On the basis of keeping transparent bread bag to facilitate the placement and removal of feeding guide roller, it improves the safety; Because of its simple structure, the crash-proof structure is welded on the frame and guide roller base, which will not increase the manufacturing cost too much. With the development of our economy and the rapid development of food packaging materials, a variety of edible packaging materials appear successively. These transparent bread packaging materials to safety, environmental protection, economic, practical as a selling point. Therefore, transparent bread packaging material has become the industrial chain of the whole packaging industry.

The design of transparent bread packaging bag mainly starts from food safety and modern consumption habits, and discusses the relationship between material, structure rationality, packaging serialization and convenience of use. Based on the specification of main visual elements, the packaged grains are classified and the packaging specifications are further designed according to people's needs. From the packaging structure and materials, with the brand as the medium, with the commodity as the specific form of expression, from the packaging structure and material selection combined with the characteristics of the food itself "food" body customized packaging, combined with packaging design technology to complete the whole series of packaging.

Today, people pay more and more attention to food safety and health, talk about "plastic" color change has become a phenomenon in the packaging industry gradually. In fact, as the backbone of the packaging industry, plastic materials have been loved and "reused" by all kinds of enterprises since their birth, and the future development prospects of this market are also very broad. However, based on the inevitable trend of the increasingly mature concept of green environmental protection, green transparent bread packaging bag should become the main development direction of plastic packaging in the future. Why not use the original ornamental packaging cost, transfer to the development and application of environmental protection materials, is definitely a win-win solution for consumers and enterprises to establish the concept of environmental protection packaging can undoubtedly win new markets for enterprises.

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