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Baked goods package

Baked goods package

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Baked goods package

The roller pressure should be properly adjusted for the printing of the packaging bag of baked goods. When the packaging of baked goods is printed, the slightest mistake will roll rubber; If the ink is too heavy and too large, it is easy to stick to rubber or ink rollers. Therefore, before printing to reduce the pressure of the drum, reduce the rubber lining. In order to avoid sticking rubber, rolling rubber, add more additives or wrong adhesive in the ink, at the same time optimistic, avoid double, more, paper skew, ensure uniform pressure does not roll rubber.

The packaging bag printing of baked goods is the same as other printing materials. The rules should be accurate, otherwise the quality will be affected. During printing, the height of the front gauge and side gauge should be adjusted according to the thickness of the paper. At the same time, the pressure of the paper press wheel and brush wheel on the paper feed board should be adjusted, and the pressure of the paper feed belt should be tightened. Boot found that the rules are not good, but also timely check the paper, as well as the paper wheel and the pressure of the paper wheel; For thicker paper, the pressure on the press wheel and brush wheel should be heavier. And check the paper time and pull time, as well as the side gauge and swing tooth handover time, timely deal with the problem until the upper and lower left and right rules are accurate.

Ink color has a direct impact on the quality of printing. Packaging plays an important role in protecting and decorating items. The quality of packaging and printing will directly affect people's aesthetic appreciation and consumption. Therefore, when printing and packaging, we must meet the quality standard. To complete exquisite and beautiful products, we need to carefully complete every step of printing in order to obtain considerable profits and quality.

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