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Child wipes paper bag

Child wipes paper bag

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Child wipes paper bag

Paper napkins or child wipes are essential for children's daily life. For the average person, they may not be so familiar with the technology or category of tissue, but as a family with children and babies, they must clearly understand, otherwise some people with quality of life requirements will have a bad allergic reaction.

In the paper towel production industry, children's wipes paper bags and napkins are technically classified, children's wipes paper bags can be divided into cross and direction net, cross net each direction pull more uniform napkins and children's wipes paper bags outside feel dry and wet, children's wipes paper bags are widely used in our lives. Basically everyone needs to use a wipes bag. The following are the main types of wipes for children:

1. Medical disinfecting wipes bag. In addition to the cleaning and skin care function of general wipes bag, disinfection wipes bag can also be widely used in public places for hand cleaning and disinfection, effectively preventing harmful bacteria from invading the human body.

2. Toilet paper. To better protect our skin, we must have a soft texture and our flexibility must stand the test.

3. Beauty wipes bag. Women who love beauty carry with them, convenient and hygienic, simplifying complex beauty procedures. Wipes have become a new fashion for women.

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