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Baby wipes package

Baby wipes package

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Baby wipes package

Baby wipes package: Mainly used to clean the skin. There are various forms of packaging, one, two, 10 pieces of independent packaging or 10 pieces of small packaging, easy to carry, not convenient to go out of the water cleaning, cleaning use, use at any time to take, very convenient. According to the substrate used and the absence of liquid components, the product is divided into high, medium and low grade, the price varies greatly. The shelf life of the product is generally 6 months and 13 years.

Baby wipes bag: There are two kinds of baby wipes bag, one is used to clean and disinfect the small wounds of Zhoufruit skin, such as scrapes, cuts, scratches, etc., which can effectively kill 99 kinds of bacteria.9%, in order to prevent wound infection, spunlaced non-woven fabric as the base material, the main component of soaking solution is benzalchloramine, etc. One time cleaning sterilization, one package or 10 separate packages, shelf life of two years; The other is broad-spectrum sterilization, which is used to clean, moisturize, disinfect and sterilize the skin. It can also be used during the day

Cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, mild nature, non-toxic side effects, 10 or 20 tablets bag, shelf life of 2 years.

Baby wipes package, Care wipes: specially designed for cleaning and caring for infants.

Typically, there are dozens of extraction bags, boxes or cans. There is a seal at the extraction mouth of the bag and a seal at the extraction mouth of the box or can

There is a cover outside the strip, which is sealed immediately after extraction with wet wipes, so it is very convenient to use. Product shelf life is generally 1.5-3 years.

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