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The interactive embodiment of graphics in food packaging bag design

2022-12-03 10:32:34

The interactive embodiment of graphics in food packaging bag design

There is no doubt that graphics is one of the most used in the design of food packaging bags, because graphics can intuitively show the beautiful side of food, which is why most food packaging bags choose more graphics as an important part of the packaging. Information about the product can be conveyed to the consumer more quickly by displaying the image of the product and other decorative items.

In real life, excellent graphic design can immediately attract the attention of consumers, thus promoting consumers to receive the product information displayed by the packaging graphics. This interactive graphics enables product information to be communicated directly to consumers. Therefore, in the design, remember not to beat around the bush, but to express food information intuitively and accurately through visual perception.

The main factor of the rapid transmission of product information by graphic language is that it can bring visual impact to people through the creativity of the outer packaging, and give people a visual impact or the enjoyment of visual beauty. For example, Nongfu Spring juice drink packaging graphics, using beautiful natural pastoral scenery, coupled with bright tropical fruits, let people intoxicated.

Oriental Leaves series of tea drinks with its brand products to win the praise of consumers. Therefore, in the design of food packaging bag graphics, to accurately grasp the psychology of consumers, to meet the curiosity and appreciation of consumers.

In particular, it is worth noting the emotional factors in packaging graphic design and psychological emotion. Therefore, in the process of food packaging bag design, designers should effectively communicate with consumers, let consumers participate, and then seek the organic combination of design concept and consumption concept, so that packaging graphic design becomes an emotional thing, which is closely related to consumers' shopping psychological emotion.

Thus, the design of food packaging bag needs to be closely related to the purchasing psychology of consumers. From a designer's point of view, packaging graphic design needs to carry a lot of information about the product and convey the information intuitively. In addition, from the perspective of consumers' purchase psychology, graphic design needs to attract consumers' attention and satisfy their aesthetic taste, so as to stimulate consumers' purchase desire. Only in this way, can it be called a good food packaging bag graphic design.

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