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The advantages of solvent-free composite technology in food packaging bags are described

2022-12-01 14:22:25

At present, the country pays more and more attention to the safety supervision of food and drugs. Similarly, the safety performance and environmental protection of food packaging materials are also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, for soft plastic food packaging bags, due to its inherent defects, the dry composite process will be eliminated, seeking health and safety, environmental protection composite process has become an important issue in the soft plastic food packaging bag industry. Germany in the 1970s invented a new type of green composite technology - solvent free composite technology. Compared with the common dry composite process, solvent-free composite has the following advantages:

At present, the solvent residue of soft plastic food packaging is the main problem affecting the health of consumers and operators. Some technicians in the industry have also made a lot of technical improvements in equipment and raw materials, but they can only reduce the solvent residue, not completely avoid the generation of residual solvents. The solvent-free process completely avoids the use of organic solvents in the production process and fundamentally solves the problem of solvent residue. Therefore, solvent-free composite is a healthy composite process.

Fire and explosion accidents occur from time to time in domestic and foreign flexible packaging production enterprises, mainly due to improper operation or high concentration of organic solvents in the air. If solvent-free compound is adopted, the use of organic solvents is completely avoided to eliminate safety risks.

Solvent-free composite adhesives are solid materials that do not contain any organic solvents. Therefore, there is no impact on the health of production workers, while realizing zero emission of organic solvents, avoiding the environmental advantage of air pollution.

The amount of solvent-free composite coating is generally 1.3-1.8g/m two, dry composite 2.5-4g/m2. Therefore, compared with dry compound, adhesive consumption can be saved about 50%. Although the price of solvent-free adhesive is higher, the total cost of raw materials can still be reduced by about 20% after calculation. The insoluble composite process does not require drying process and effectively reduces the energy consumption cost. The energy consumption cost of solvent-free equipment is 1/15 of that of dry compound equipment. In terms of production efficiency, the efficiency of solvent-free equipment is that of ordinary dry compound efficiency 1. The production cost can be effectively reduced by 5-2 times.

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