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How to choose environmentally friendly food packaging in daily life

2022-11-29 09:28:13

With the development of economy, people begin to seek beauty, shape, health, green and so on. For example, now many sofa planning is very strange, not only to have the effect of sitting, but also to make people feel comfortable, look comfortable. As the saying goes, the safety quality of food packaging bag determines the quality of many food problems.

Many plastic food bags will have tear lines, scissors openings, or small triangular notches in the opening for people to simply open. These humane plans make life more convenient, but there are also many problems. For example, many open plans are unreasonable, which makes food packaging less easy to disassemble and assemble. Many children like to bite with their teeth. If the food packaging is not qualified, it is easy to poison children's food.

Since food bags are made of a double layer of composite film, more upscale vacuum bags are made of three layers of aluminum foil composite film. Therefore, the thickness of the composite film is generally between 60-96 nm, and the inner layer of the bag is the heat sealing layer, which has excellent heat sealing performance, and the thickness is between 50-80 nm. The outer layer is a sealed layer, with excellent air tightness and printability. The outer layer is of high strength and the thickness is generally between 10-16 nanometers.

Polyethylene is the common base material for the inner layer of composite film, high temperature resistant polypropylene for high temperature cooking bag, stretching polypropylene, polyester, nylon for the outer film. Fatty foods in tea and milk powder cartons should also be packed in shade to avoid the effects of light. The method is to add a very thin layer of aluminum foil between the surface and the inner base, and relatively enhanced air tightness.

Combined with market research, the reusable food packaging bag is planned, and a layer of soft plastic is planned at the opening, which can be used for repeated disassembly and sealing. Food packaging bags can also be planned according to the needs of customers, no matter what color printing, can be satisfied, for our health and safety, please do not use defective food packaging bags.

The supermarket shelves are always colorful and full of beautiful things. Some children eat too much junk food, because they can't help but be attracted by the colorful food bags, which leads to they don't like to eat when they are young, which further affects their growth and development. Use healthy food packaging from production.

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