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The significance of interactivity for food package design

2022-12-02 15:12:22

The rapid development of economy has undoubtedly improved people's living consumption level, and people's aesthetic concept has changed with the development of new things. Nowadays, people are not only satisfied with the hunger of food, but also demand that it has beautiful characteristics and creativity. Usually, the sales volume and selling price of the beautifully packaged food is higher than that of the bland food with the same package.

In the current environment, the exquisite packaging of food has a significant impact on consumers' purchase desire and behavior, so how to design the appearance of packaging to improve consumers' purchase desire has become the primary issue for designers of food packaging bags.

There are two stages for consumers to process information about things, namely the perception stage and the perception stage. When consumers are faced with what they buy, they first make a corresponding evaluation of the thing from the sense, reflecting the basic attributes of the thing, and then reflect their overall feeling of the thing in the perception stage.

It's not hard to see that perception is based on feeling. Therefore, when consumers buy food, first of all, they should make a preliminary evaluation of the food in the sensory stage and psychologically approve or deny it. Visual perception accounts for nearly 88 percent of the five senses, while the other four senses -- taste, hearing, touch and smell -- account for only about 12 percent. Therefore, efforts in food packaging to promote food sales play a positive role.

On the basis of exquisite packaging, the design of a packaging project that can interact with consumers will attract consumers' attention and improve their desire to buy. Interactive packaging design has become an inducement, demonstrating the emotional exchange between food manufacturers and consumers. This interactive experience will give consumers an extraordinary feeling and earn the trust and support of customers.

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