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What is a real sanitary wipes package

2022-11-26 10:48:01

The 2019 coronavirus epidemic has been widespread in recent years. This kind of wet towel is very popular with consumers. But not all wipes are disinfecting. What's a real wipes bag? Can we call it a qualified product after disinfection?

1. The difference between sanitary wipes bag and ordinary wipes bag

The stock solution of the sanitary wipes bag has the function of killing microorganisms, while the ordinary wipes bag does not have the function of disinfection and sterilization. According to GB Hygienic Standard for disposable sanitary products 15979-2002.4 and "Technical Specification for Disinfection". 1,11.7 Hygienic standard for sanitary wipes packaging bag, in addition to meeting the microbial standard, the killing rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus must reach ≥90%. If it is necessary to account for the effect on the fungus, it is necessary to determine a kill rate of ≥90% of the fungus. The sterilization effect must be maintained at room temperature for at least 1 year.

2. Requirements of environmental conditions for the production of sanitary wipes bags and ordinary wipes bags

According to Standard 4 product health index Table 1, the total number of colonies (CFU/g or CFU/ml) of common wipes bag in the microbial index is ≤200, and the indicator light of sanitary wipes bag is ≤20. Obviously, the microbiological index of sanitary wipes bag is much stricter than that of ordinary wipes bag; Total fungal colony index (CFU/g or CFU/ml) : common wipes bag ≤100, but not in the sanitary wipes bag.

This standard reflects the different severity of production management and environmental conditions for general wipes bags and sanitary wipes bags, which is one of the reasons why more enterprises can manufacture wipes bags and fewer enterprises can manufacture sanitary wipes bags.

3. Why not use alcohol soaking solution as sanitary wipes package?

In medical alcohol cotton balls, alcohol is used as a raw material for disinfectant. The product is usually packaged separately, while the sanitary wipes are usually packaged in multiple parts. After opening, alcohol volatilize fast, easy to dry, lose wiping function. Alcohol is inflammable, irritating and skin degreasing. As a result, ethanol is rarely used as the main soaking solution for sanitary wipes. The effective antibacterial rate of sanitary wipes was 99.9% by using 0.1%-0.2% polyhexaguanidine hydrochloride as antibacterial component.

4, the quality of sanitary wipes bag

Sanitary wipes on the market must be tested by an authoritative body for microbial killing indicators. The wipes bags that do not meet the microorganism killing index are unqualified products, that is, the sanitary wipes bags are not named.

Sanitary wipes bag testing items, long testing cycle, high testing cost, which is also another reason why sanitary wipes bag production enterprises are few.

As can be seen from the above introduction, no matter what kind of wipes bag is used, it is usually necessary to know the quality of its use, especially for children, because the skin is more delicate, and if the use of substandard hygiene products can lead to skin irritation.

Sanitary wipes package

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