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What are the requirements for food packaging bags?

2022-11-22 09:47:42

In terms of packaging performance, the requirements for food packaging bags can be divided into two parts:

1. Internal requirements: The internal requirements of food packaging bags refer to the technical requirements for the quality and quantity of food in the packaging through packaging.

Strength requirements: In the process of storage, stacking, transportation, handling, can protect the packaged food from pressure, impact force, vibration force and other external destructive forces. There are many factors related to the strength of food packaging package, including the mode of transport (e.g. automobile, aircraft), stacking (e.g. multi-layer stacking, cross-stacking) and environment (e.g. climate, sanitation).

Barrier requirements: barrier is one of the important properties of food packaging bags. Because of the poor barrier, the flavor and quality of food have changed, affecting the quality of food. The barrier requirement is determined by the characteristics of the food itself, which includes external barrier, internal barrier or selective barrier. Air, water, oil, light, microorganisms, etc.

Respiratory requirements: Some export foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, retain respiratory function during packaging and storage. As a result, these packaging materials or containers are breathable, or can control breathing, thus achieving preservation purposes.

Nutrition requirements: Foods gradually lose nutrients during packaging and storage. Therefore, food packaging should be conducive to the preservation of food nutrition. Ideally, nutrients are locked in through packaging. Other requirements: Food packaging bags have internal requirements such as heat resistant, light resistant, shatterproof and moisturizing.

2. External requirements: The external requirements of food packaging bag is the use of packaging to reflect the characteristics of food, performance, image, is the food external visualization and expression form and means.

Safety requirements: The safety of food packaging bag includes hygiene safety, handling safety and use safety. Health and safety refers to food packaging materials shall not contain harmful substances; In terms of packaging technology, processed food should keep nutrition, color and taste unchanged as far as possible. Handling safety refers to the packaging can ensure the safety of transportation, loading and unloading process, but also should include consumers when shopping to pick up and carry after purchase safety. Safe use is to ensure that consumers are not harmed in the process of eating.

Promotion requirements: Food packaging bag is one of the means of food promotion. The packaging can publicize the performance, characteristics, eating methods, nutritional composition and cultural connotation of food. The promotion of food packaging bag includes: the necessary information promotion, image promotion, color promotion, structure promotion and so on.

The external requirements of food packaging bag also include: convenience, suggestive, interesting, emotional and so on.

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