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Toast baking bag

Toast baking bag

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Toast baking bag

Toast baking bag printing and table printing. Intaglio printing is divided into two processes: inside printing (legitimate printing) and table printing (reverse printing).

Toast baking bag in the printing material printing ink, then sandwiched in the middle, inside and outside of other materials, namely three layer composite bag. Toast baking bag firm clean, can prevent packaging leakage, ink contamination of packaging, containing liquid, food, etc. Surface printing, as the name implies, prints ink on the surface of the bag, usually without other compounds. Common materials are tube film, opaque film, single layer film, such as milk bags, bread bags. Milk bag is special, because the printing material of milk bag is black and white film or white film, opaque, can only be printed on the surface, while other varieties due to the fastness of packaging, leakage prevention requirements are not high, single bag cost is low.

Single-layer bags can only print ink on their surfaces to prevent chemical inks from contaminating the packaging. The difference between printed and surface printed finished packaging is relatively simple. Due to the composite film on the printing surface, the printing ink on the bag is not easy to scratch off. From the appearance, the color is bright and smooth. There is no composite film or bag film on the printing surface, so the printing ink on the bag is easy to scrape off, and the appearance color is dark and the feeling is rough. When printing, the color ordering of inner printing is the opposite of the color ordering of table printing. The color ordering of inner printing is dark to light, and the color ordering of table printing is light to deep.

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