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How to judge whether the food packaging bag is qualified

2022-11-25 09:22:25

Among the many packaging bags, food packaging bags and medicine packaging bags are relatively strict requirements, because most of them are directly ripped into the packaging bags to eat. If the packaging bag is not qualified, the original shelf life will be shortened, resulting in product deterioration, great harm to human health. So their new Huatong packaging bag manufacturer tells you what kind of food packaging bag is safe and qualified:

1. Barrier

Block water vapor and oxygen: verified by water vapor penetration and oxygen penetration test respectively, to prevent the packaging materials from moisture, oxidation and deterioration due to large penetration and poor barrier.

Kneading resistance: For aluminum-containing composite film, such as aluminized film, through the oxygen test before and after friction comparison verification. If the friction resistance is poor, it is easy to appear creases, pinholes and other phenomena, leading to the reduction of the barrier of packaging materials.

2. Physical and mechanical properties

Thickness uniformity: The thickness uniformity of food packaging materials is the basis to ensure its good performance.

Smoothness: verified by friction coefficient test. If the friction coefficient of the film is not suitable, too large or too small, it is easy to cause the opening of the packaging material is poor, and the bag will slip or roll poorly.

Heat sealing effect: It is verified by heat sealing strength test, mainly for the detection of finished drug packaging, to prevent the packaging materials from breaking due to poor heat sealing or poor heat sealing or excessive heat sealing.

Sealing effect: To verify the sealing performance of food packaging bags, mainly for the finished drug packaging test items, to find the parts prone to air leakage, to prevent moisture or oxidation of drugs.

Pressure resistance: Verify the pressure resistance of food packaging bags to prevent packaging bags from cracking or leaking due to stacking or other external extrusion.

Drop resistance: verify the drop resistance test of food packaging to prevent the finished drug packaging from breaking when falling.

3. Health performance

Residual solvent: Through the solvent residue test, if the residual organic solvent content in the packaging material is high, it is easy to gradually migrate to the drug in the process of contact with the drug, contaminating the drug.

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