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What are the factors that affect the damage of the eight edge sealing bag

2022-11-23 11:23:00

Today's society will develop very fashionable, everything in the world is in innovation. Of course, eight edge sealing packaging bags are not outdone, continuous innovation. The eight edge sealing bag is very popular in the packaging market by virtue of its advantages. However, some bags can break. Broken bag is an important aspect that affects the quality of product packaging. There are many factors affecting the damage of eight edge seal bag. The following is an analysis of the damage causes of eight-sided packing nut bags.

High bag-making temperature leads to the degradation of thermal sealing material performance and affects the bag-breaking rate. Excessive bag-making pressure will cause the thermal sealing material to be extruded, and the thermal sealing effect of the sealing door will be reduced, leading to bag breakage.

The material must be of sufficient thickness. Insufficient thickness will lead to insufficient strength of eight-sided sealing bags, which will lead to damage of eight-sided sealing bags: excessive recycled materials added to the materials and insufficient strength of eight-sided sealing bags will also lead to damage of eight-sided sealing bags.

In the packaging of some heavy or powdery items, such as salt, washing powder, etc., after filling these items, before the heat seal, the air in the bag should be discharged to reduce the force of the bag wall, so that the solid direct force, thus reducing the damage to the bag.

Eight-side sealed packaging bag should also pay attention to the strength of composite film, if the composite film peeling strength is too low, it is difficult to meet the requirements of multi-layer composite materials, can not be better dispersed, so in the process of decline, in addition, in high temperature cooking bag, due to the poor heat resistance of some adhesives, especially in some complex structures, high temperature cooking will also lead to sealing edge cracking, composite film phenomenon.

See if the combination of these two colors has an obvious third color the more realistic the physical painting the better. See if there are any wire drawing, fogging, blocking, leakage and other phenomena. Eight-sided sealing bags should have no odor. Bags with odor generally do not meet the health standards, and may also affect the normal use of the bags. Generally speaking, it is difficult to tear open an eight-sided seal bag by hand. If the heat seal is evenly torn from the middle of the eight-sided sealing bag, it indicates that the heat seal of the eight-sided sealing bag is poor, and the package is easy to be damaged in the production process. Good heat seal quality if torn from seal edge.

Observe the higher the hardness and flatness of the eight-sided sealing bag, the better, and whether the cut edge of the eight-sided sealing bag is neat. The neater the better.

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