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What are the security marks on the food packaging bag

2021-11-11 07:57:09

(1) food packaging bag anti-counterfeiting anti-unsealing

It is a common anti-counterfeiting method to paste the anti-disclosure seal on the color printing packaging box, such as some domestic speedpost sealing belt, food, computer and other products of color printing packaging sealing labels belong to this anti-counterfeiting design;

(2) The contents of food packaging bags are anti-counterfeiting

The content that matches the color printed packaging can also be designed for anti-counterfeiting, such as the use of anti-counterfeiting warranty card, anti-counterfeiting certificate, anti-counterfeiting customer service card, anti-counterfeiting authorization, anti-counterfeiting instructions, anti-counterfeiting installation guide, anti-counterfeiting installation agreement, etc.

(3) Food packaging bags use special paper

For example, layered dyeing anti-counterfeiting cardboard, this new color printing packaging anti-counterfeiting material is layered dyeing internal pulp layer in the process of cardboard manufacturing, using the tear and polishing of the cardboard itself, anti-counterfeiting identification function extends to the internal structure of the cardboard, any external printing technology can not imitate, to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting;

(4) food packaging bags use anti-counterfeiting shading

The so-called color printing packaging anti-counterfeiting shading refers to the close combination of various anti-counterfeiting design elements and packaging users' personality characteristics, and is completely different from the commercial design of the special design technology. These anti-counterfeiting design elements mainly include: personalized shading, anti-scanning/photocopying design, Newso decorative flower ball, line relief text, miniature text, hidden shadow technology, hiding technology, mask technology, split line technology, intrusive view text technology, etc.

(5) food packaging bags with anti-counterfeiting labels

The anti-counterfeiting marks on the color printing box include laser holographic anti-counterfeiting marks, various anti-counterfeiting ink printing anti-counterfeiting marks, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting marks, thermal anti-counterfeiting marks, telephone anti-counterfeiting code marks and so on. Almost all the marks with anti-counterfeiting functions are used in color printing and packaging;

(6) Anti-counterfeiting application design

Some products directly in the bottle body, bottle mouth or color printing packaging for anti-counterfeiting design, can not only achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, but also to impress consumers, different from similar products on the market;

(7) Food packaging bag special identification technology embossing technology

Holographic laser hot stamping technology is one of the relatively safe and novel anti-counterfeiting technologies, has been widely used in tobacco, alcohol, cosmetics, medicine and other color printing packaging. It can also be combined with three-dimensional dynamic shading anti-counterfeiting design, high precision and high quality refractive design;

(8) Food packaging bags are packed with laser holographic film

Our eyes watch what we eat, just as radar watches enemy aircraft, sometimes prompting us to reject temptation. The effectiveness of transparently packaged foods depends on what "radar" they produce and whether it detects a threat to self-control. The researchers believe that food size and curb appeal affect this important factor in 'detection ability'.

We see various forms of food packaging in our daily life. The reason is that the requirements for food packaging technology will vary according to the types and characteristics of food. In addition, transportation mode, storage environment, sales channels, shelf life, consumer groups and other factors will also affect food packaging technology.

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