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The use of plastic food packaging bags

2021-11-11 07:57:09

Plastic food bags: On the topic of plasticizers and other harmful substances released by the heat of plastic food bags, some experts also point out that plasticizers can cause the following harm to the human body: reduce reproductive ability; Increased risk of cardiovascular disease; Ingestion can cause cancer; Can cause gender disorder, shorter genitals; Plasticizer is 20 times more toxic than melamine.

It can be seen that if food plastic packaging bags hide the source of pollution, it will bring considerable harm to human health. Food safety incidents caused by inferior plastic packaging emerge in an endless stream. Based on this, people pay more and more attention to the safety of food plastic packaging bags! Chinese plastic products industry needs to take professional and powerful leading enterprises as benchmarks and set up safety standards.

First, "three no" plastic bags do great harm

Food, especially cooked food, packaged in inferior plastic bags, is often easily spoiled, and people who eat such spoiled food are prone to vomiting, diarrhea and other food poisoning symptoms. In addition, the plastic itself will release harmful gases, the concentration of which increases with the sealing time and temperature, resulting in different degrees of contamination of the food inside the bag. Blind use of plastic bags to pack food is harmful to health.

China's relevant laws clearly stipulate that plastic food utensils, containers and food packaging materials shall not be recycled during processing. Food plastic products must be clearly printed with the word "for food use". But some of the plastic bags used on the market today fall into the "three nots" category and many products are made from recycled plastic. The plastic bags are dangerous to human health in direct contact with food, but are still popular in the market because of their low price.

Plastic woven bag is made of plastic film (polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon and other films) made of a certain width of the narrow strip, or through hot stretching to obtain high strength, small elongation of the plastic flat strip, and then woven these flat strips. The strength of plastic woven bag is much higher than that of plastic film bag, not easy to deformation, good impact resistance. At the same time, because the woven bag surface has woven thread, in the storage process to improve the anti-slip performance, easy to stack. But poor pest control performance, environmental pollution.

The commodity of packaging itself is becoming more and more obvious. It has become a special product that is no longer attached to the production of commodities. It is a widely used product that all commodities cannot do without.

National scientists have developed an environmentally friendly plastic bag made of electrolytes that can not only decompose harmlessly but also dissolve in water.

According to scientists, products made from common polymer plastic materials take hundreds of years to completely decompose and remain on Earth for hundreds of years. According to the actual figures, 80 percent of plastic bags are transported to landfills for disposal like normal garbage, and only 7 percent of plastic is recycled.

The new environmentally-friendly plastic bags will not release harmful substances during the decomposition process, and can even be broken down into natural substances favored by insects, which is a great help to protect the natural environment.

Plastic food packaging bag

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