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Blind box self-supporting zipper bag

Blind box self-supporting zipper bag

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Blind box self-supporting zipper bag

Blind box Self-supporting zipper bags are flexible packaging bags with a horizontal support structure at the bottom that does not rely on any support, whether opened or not.

Blind box self-standing zipper bag is a relatively new packaging form, which has the advantages of improving the product level, strengthening the visual effect of the shelf, convenient use, preservation, sealing and so on. According to the need to increase the oxygen insulation layer, reduce the oxygen penetration rate, prolong the shelf life of products. There is a nozzle plan, can be snorted, can also be kneaded and drinking, and with a repeatable lid tight screw cap device, convenient for customers to carry and use. Whether opened or not, the blind box Self-supporting Zipper bag products stand upright on a horizontal surface like a bottle.

In addition to the food industry, the use of some washing supplies, daily cosmetics, stationery and other products is also gradually increasing. Blind box self-standing zipper bags add color to the colorful world of packaging. The picture is clear and obvious, standing upright on the shelf, reflecting the excellent brand image, easier to attract customers' attention, adapt to the modern sales trend of supermarket sales.

The production cost of self-contained zipper bags in blind boxes is significantly lower than that of cans, plastic bottles or glass bottles, and the cost of transportation and storage is also significantly reduced. Compared with the bottle, the packaging has better insulation function, the packaged product can be cooled quickly, and can stick to low temperature for a long time. In addition, there are a number of packaging value-added planning elements such as handles, curved Outlines, laser punching, etc. that enhance the appeal of blind box individual zipper bags.


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