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Transparent self-supporting zipper bag

Transparent self-supporting zipper bag

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Transparent self-supporting zipper bag

When the transparent self-supporting zipper bag is hot sealed, the heating methods can be divided into one side heating and two sides heating. Obviously, heating on both sides is more efficient and practical than heating on one side.

The heat sealing time of transparent self-standing zipper bag is not only related to the heat sealing temperature and pressure, but also to the properties of the heat sealing materials and heating methods. In the actual test should be adjusted according to different equipment and materials.

The factors that need to be considered when setting the heat sealing temperature of transparent self-standing zipper bag are: first, the characteristics of heat sealing material; The thickness of the film; The third is the number of hot sealing pressing and the size of hot sealing area. Under normal circumstances, the same part of the hot pressing times is more, can be properly set the heat sealing temperature is lower.

When heat sealing transparent self-standing zipper bags, appropriate pressure must be given to promote the bonding of the heat sealing material. However, if the pressure is too large, the molten material will be extruded, which will not only affect the flatness fault analysis and elimination of the bag, but also affect the heat sealing effect of the bag and reduce the heat sealing strength.

There are many problems in the actual production of transparent self-supporting zipper bags, but there are mainly two outstanding problems: one is the leakage of goods or leakage; Second, the bag type is not uniform, the bottom seal is not symmetrical. Therefore, how to choose the material and adopt the process operation plays a decisive role in improving the overall quality of the upright bag.

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