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Self-standing food zipper bag

Self-standing food zipper bag

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Self-standing food zipper bag

Self-supporting food zipper bags generally use multilayer composite film

Self-supporting food zipper bag adopts double plastic composite film: common polyester/polyethylene PET/PE, nylon/polyethylene NY/PE and other materials with high strength and high barrier are suitable for general packaging bags, do not need high temperature cooking and other specific requirements, but also can leave a transparent place to display the packaging items.

Self-supporting food zipper bag adopts double plastic high temperature cooking film: polyester/polypropylene is common PET/CPP, nylon/polypropylene NY/CPP and so on, the material is suitable for the required packaging bag, but also high strength and high barrier material, such as high temperature cooking, high temperature resistance of more than one degree, and then leave a transparent display of packaging items.

Self-supporting food zipper bag three layers of aluminum-plastic composite film: common polyester/aluminum/polyethylene PET/AL/PE nylon/aluminum/polyethylene NY/AL/PE and polyester/aluminum/polypropylene PET/AL/CPP nylon/aluminum/polypropylene NY/AL/CPP and so on, these materials are low temperature sealing performance of the material, The main requirements are anti-pollution, anti-static and thermal sealing capabilities.

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