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Eight edge sealing bag

Eight edge sealing bag

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八边封包装袋Eight edge sealing bag

Eight edge seal packaging bags supply eight edge seal packaging bags production process: eight edge seal packaging bags, food packaging bags into the film printing printing each color has plate rolling, plate rolling engraving is the mountain plate to listen to engraving, black constantly flowing, because the ink will be deep, in ink printing and film printing began to compound, the production source to kill the dry temperature recovery method, is the color printing road into drying for 2 minutes.

Curing: True curing after the glue is combined. The main effect of curing is to get the owner of the liquid water energy to stand up, and curing is set at 50°C for 24 hours. In fact, it is the composite film after curing, and then the product is tested. Powder products are made by printing standard auspicious plates into products where steam enters the electric sea. If there are unqualified products, directly cut the film after inspection products, and then make bags. The production of the bag is through the machine directly a film to automatically make eight-sided sealing bag not only stand but also can self-sealing to ensure that the things inside are not counterdamp.

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