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Pear paste packing bag

Pear paste packing bag

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  • Release time:2022-07-28 14:25:47
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Pear paste packing bag

There are many kinds of pear paste packaging bags, and the specifications are uncertain. As a result, bag-making methods are often ignored by designers and manufacturers. As a result, the draft design of the star was beautiful, but the packaging of the finished product was not satisfactory and even became a waste product. Experience tells us that only on the basis of understanding the types of commonly used packaging products, can we give full play to the design concept, end the design works that do not conform to the bag process, and design practical and perfect finished packaging. According to the way of bag making, plastic bags can be divided into four categories: medium bottom seal, solid medium seal and sheet.

Some characteristics of the pear paste bag: high strength, high unit strength, strong impact resistance. Acid and alkali resistant, plastic bag chemical stability, not afraid of acid and alkali corrosion. Insulation, no static electricity, good safety. Low energy consumption, less molding energy consumption, low processing cost. Low density, plastic bag mass is very light, packaging will not gain weight. Transparency, plastic bags with good transparency, can also be dyed according to use needs. Anti-oxidation, long-term placement will not affect its performance, long service life.

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