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Dog food bag

Dog food bag

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Dog food bag

Dog food packaging food production date title. Shelf life. Storage conditions and some special precautions: food name, trademark, bar code, production license, product standard, production date, shelf life, storage method, edible method, nutrition, net content, manufacturer, address, telephone number, fax number, postal code, postal code, address. Food packaging production date and shelf life, generally have three ways of annotation: one is the production date directly on the label, consumers can be clear;

Dog food packets written in the production date column "See packaging unit" prompt production date always in the bag seal cap. If the consumer wants to see the production date and search according to the prompt; Third, the logo is more casual. The production date is usually printed somewhere on the bag, with no fixed location, so the consumer must stare at it. The production date labels of food packaging by regular manufacturers are strictly regulated. There are three ways it can tell if the food is from a normal manufacturer, or if it is out of date: First, it depends on the trace of the date. Often produced by food manufacturers, the code machine is very advanced, marking the date on the packaging bag is generally a point. While the supplier portable simple code machine, date ink writing, not a bit. The same kind of food if found available on the date of purchase

Dog food packaging bags of this kind of point are generally made as the original manufacturer date. Double is look at the bag. Where the food comes from, the packaging is delicate. Compared with packaged food and packaging bags, compared with local packaging bags, there will be some laxness, coding is very rough, some water leakage. Three is to see if the posted date is filled in or tampered with. In order to sell expired food, some manufacturers secretly alter the production date because the original date is not clean and will appear in the same bag.

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