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Text design of food packaging bags

2022-12-03 10:34:57

In addition to graphics, the essential part of food packaging bag design is the text part. Most food packaging bag designs coexist with graphics and text, which can not only present the image information of the product, but also convey some hidden information that cannot be seen from the appearance.

Coca-Cola, for example, simply prints its bottles with black Coca-Cola letters on a red background. This simple idea is partly responsible for Coca-Cola's popularity today. Since most food packaging packages today employ many of the same expressions, text can not only convey information, but also enable consumers to more effectively identify the food they want to buy.

Therefore, in order to strengthen consumers' memory of the product to a certain extent, necessary words need to be added in the design. At the same time, some text must be added, such as manufacturer, production date, expiration date, ingredients, precautions and other basic information.

Designers need to design the text design expression scheme according to the specific product display requirements. When highlighting the main information, consider the font size, color, and background. For example, when expressing a brand name, the font of a food package should not be decorated too much with text, stripes or background patterns, otherwise it will give a confusing impression and will not help to convey the brand message.

Therefore, the design of food packaging bags should pay attention to the expression relationship between the main text and the secondary text, so that consumers can capture the main information of the product in the reading. Although design is free, it is not arbitrary. Designers should design effective visual communication schemes according to the specific requirements of specific products. To make your text stand out, consider the relationship between color, background, and related factors.

For example, having too much text in addition to the main text, coupled with the relationships between the background patterns, can make the picture look messy and fail to convey the product message. Therefore, we should pay attention to the proportion of the main text with other text and patterns, so that the consumer can catch the product information at a glance.

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