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Understand the safety of the eight-sided sealing bag

2022-11-26 10:51:26

At present, the network celebrity of food packaging bag is the eight-edge sealing bag, which has the advantages of good isolation, high heat sealing performance, good moisture resistance and high transparency. Acid resistance, wear resistance and other functions are also very good, so the eight edge seal packaging bag is widely used in food packaging bags. In addition, as the packaging industry has attracted more and more attention from consumers in recent years, it is necessary for many manufacturers to know the relevant information about eight-sided sealing bags. Let us understand the safety of the eight edge sealing bag!

Like a cuboid, the left and right organ has four edges, with four edges at the bottom. Because the bottom is flat, the industry also called flat bags. This bag is made with a special eight-sided sealing bag. Production equipment currently needs about 950-1 million yuan, but the cost is relatively high. Therefore, the eight edge seal packaging bag has obvious advantages, widely used in milk, more than 1 million yuan

The security of general eight-sided sealing bag:

Stand firm, conducive to shelf display, deeply attract the eyes of consumers; A total of 8 printed editions fully explain product or language product sales, global sales and use. More complete display of product information; Because the bottom of the bag is flat, so lay the bag flat, do the bottom display layout; The erection of eight edge sealing bag is conducive to the soft display of the brand; Materials vary widely, and different materials have different thicknesses. Block water and oxygen. Metallic effect. Printing effect is greater than a single box; The eight-sided sealing bag has a reusable zipper, the consumer can re-open and close the zipper, the box can not fight; Unique appearance, beware of fake goods, easy for consumers to identify, conducive to brand establishment; Multi-color printing, the product appearance is beautiful, publicity and promotion effect is strong

Food packaging shall not use electroplated materials and colored packaging bags. The aluminum foil bags are mostly made of recycled plastic. There is no peculiar smell when the food bag leaves the factory. Food packaging-flavored plastic bags cannot be used for food packaging.

Check the appearance of a vacuum bag. Check whether the bag has obvious scars. Is there a pinhole? There is no pollution; Whether the sealing place is standard. Testing of compressive strength and breaking strength. The heavy weight extrusion method is used for strength and breaking strength. Place the bag on the top plate and add heavy weights to it for 1 minute to check whether the vacuum bag is deformed or leaky. Environment-friendly materials must be used in material selection. Aluminum foil packaging materials can be recycled, environmental protection materials, no secondary waste. In particular, industrial waste and recycled materials are not used in food packaging.

Eight edge sealing bag

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