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How to judge the quality of disinfection wipes packaging bag

2021-11-11 07:57:09

Thickness of disinfecting wipes: The thickness of wipes is one of the criteria to judge the quality of wipes. It is generally believed that thick wipes have good hand feel and strong usability, while thin wipes are easy to tear, affecting their cleaning and disinfection ability. Test the thickness of wipes by visual observation and hand feeling.

Quality of disinfecting wipes: Quality of disinfecting wipes not only refers to the net weight of a single wipes, but also includes the weight of disinfecting wipes, the water content and the weight of additives. You can first weigh the newly removed disinfectant wipes to see the quality of a single piece, and then dry the wipes to get the moisture content of the wipes (disinfectant) data. Water content is directly related to disinfection effect, working time and service life.

Wear resistance of disinfecting wipes: disinfecting wipes should be wear-resistant, so as to play a good role in cleaning and disinfecting debris. The following test methods can be used: Wipe repeatedly on a certain surface with disinfectant wipes. Compared to the degree of hair on the surface of the sterilized wipes, the wipes are generally considered to be of better quality if there is no visible hair on the surface.

Disinfecting wipes Moisturizing type: Moisturizing not only refers to the water content of disinfecting wipes, good disinfecting wipes can leave a protective film on the surface of the material after wiping, so that the disinfectant has a full effect, with a certain delay antibacterial effect. Therefore, in order to achieve the correct disinfection effect, the manufacturer needs to issue the suggestion of wiping area.

Pay attention to disinfecting wipes product information: Pay attention to disinfecting wipes product information before purchase. Include production date, manufacturer, address, telephone number, shelf life, active ingredients, production lot number, health permit number, health standard number, instructions for use and precautions. These can also tell the quality and credibility of the product from the side. Do not buy disinfectant wipes if the product information is unclear or intentionally vague.

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